Ginseng Extract

Short Description:

NameGinseng Extract

Type:Herbal Extract


Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction

Brand Name:Hugestone

Appearance:Brown fine powder

Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade&Food Grade

Packing:25kg bag/drum/carton

Port of loading: China main port

Port of dispapch:Shanghai ; Qindao;Tianjin

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Ginseng Extract is a product made from the dried root of ginseng Panax ginseng. Ginsenosides are the main active ingredients, and they also contain many components that the body needs, such as sugars, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and various trace elements. With anti-cancer, anti-tumor, improve the digestive system to promote metabolism, improve the body’s immunity and other effects. It can also promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, prevent skin aging, dry cracking, and dryness, so that people’s skin can be regenerated, which has the effect of delaying aging of skin ce

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  • Analysis Specification
    Appearance Fine light-brown powder
    Odor Characteristic
    Taste Characteristic
    specfiication Total ginsenosides 2-15%(HPLC)
    Loss on Drying ≤5.0%
    Sieve analysis Pass 80 mesh
    Bulk Density 45-55g/100mL
    Extract Solvent Water & Alcohol
    Heavy Metal <20ppm
    As <2ppm
    Residual Solvents Eur.Pharm.2000
    Total Plate Count <1000cfu/g
    Yeast & Mold <100cfu/g
    E.Coli Negative
    Salmonella Negative

    Storage: in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture, store at room temperature.

    Shelf Life: 48 months 

    Package:in 25kg/bag


    1. What’s your payment terms?
    T/T or L/C.

    2. What’s your delivery time?
    Usually we will arrange the shipment in 7 -15 days.

    3. How about the packing?
    Usually we provide the packing as 25 kg / bag or carton. Of course, if you have special requirements on them, we will according to you.

    4. How about the validity of the products?
    According to the products you ordered.

    5. What documents you provide? 
    Usually, we provide Commerical Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA , Health certificate and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements, let us know.

    6. What is loading port?
    Usually is Shanghai,Qingdao or Tianjin.

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